Friday, February 13, 2009

Chloe's going to be a big sister!

Well I noticed that I hadn't written any posts since the first one in November so here's the 2nd post.

Well Chloe Ann is going to be a big sister come September '09. Chad and I found out January 15, 2009 that God has decided to give us a little miracle. We have never conceived a child without the help of Chlomid until now. We weren't expecting to get pregnant and thought nothing of it. But it is truely a blessing from Heaven. I still have the fear that I am going to lose this baby also but I am slowly with each dr appt getting a little more excited. My first appt was Jan. 30 '09 and it showed me as being 6 wks along and the heartbeat at 88bpm. Instantly the fear set in that I was going to miscarry. Well my dr set another appt for me for 2 wks which would put me at 8wks for Feb. 13 '09. Well that was today and the baby measured at 8wks and the baby's heartbeat is 174bpm! So now the fear of miscarriage has settled but all the fear won't be completely gone until I have an ultrasound at 20 wks that says that my baby is healthy and will come home after birth. So this is my update so far and will try to remember to update more often.

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